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Lessons learned by health insurance executive

We need to read this story and pass it to our friends and family. The art of medicine is different from the science of medicine.

Hair Loss 101

When I write for this blog, it is often because I am inspired by real life events. Today, I am sitting in the hair salon, trying not to eavesdrop on a conversation that is taking place near me! A client entered the shop. She seems to be new, and gives the owner a detailed account

Ethnic Skin and Hair Care

Is there a secret formula for taking care of skin of color? I may alone in believing that there is not one secret, but many! As there is no ONE SIZE FITS all solution to the problems that my ethnic skin ( read, non white) patients present with. I mean, haven’t you ever put a

Moles Before and After

Every time I see a photo of Morgan Freeman taken in the last several years, I am reminded how much improved the skin looks when the moles, called DPN’s are removed. The name Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra described these dark brown, warty growths that can be pinpoint or flat and as large as quarters, usually on

Younger Looking Men?

It is no longer an unusual day when several new patients are men who “want to look better”. While patients of both sexes usually want help with diseases or disorders ( ie non cosmetic issues), it used to be the norm for women to ask for my help with changes in appearance . The man