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A Complete Examination?

I was surprised last week when a patient whom I had not seen in about ten years came back to the office after having moved out of “driving range” from my office. She told me about seeing a doctor without seeing a doctor. I asked her what she meant. If you make an appointment to

Demand Quality Care !!

The sad truth is that quality care costs more. If you are spending your health care dollar to see a doctor, then I think you deserve to see a doctor! This sounds simple but what has been happening lately to many people who are UNAWARE of who is sitting across from them in the “Doctors

How to have better nails!

The dry winter air, from having the heater on, can make it hard to stay moisturized in the colder months. You need to drink more water and pay attention to replacing the moisture on your hands after you wash them. This is really important when you use sanitizing hand gels. They contain alcohol which is

The Safety of Laser Hair Removal in Ethnic Skin-Pt 1

I was shocked to learn how often patients are told by misinformed health professionals that “dark skinned people” should not get laser. This is absolutely untrue. It is true that there are important differences in various shades of people. The melanin absorbs the laser light and so it can cause problems if the laser physician