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Just How Does the Laser Help Acne???

Acne patients need to understand the treatment is killing the bacteria on their face or any other affected area. Cross contamination is an issue. Everything in the environment needs to be cleaned including pillow cases and make up brushes; new makeup is recommended if a liquid makeup is worn. The Light Pod Neo is fully

This Doctor Will See You Now!

You call a Doctor’s office to make an appointment. You get there and find that you aren’t going to see the Doctor. You weren’t warned of this in advance. Instead, you may get to see an assistant or a midlevel staff member . You are not going to see the doctor. Does this bother you?

Acne Essential Information

I am happy to provide these facts about acne that have endured for the past 30+ years that I have been taking care of dermatology patients as a board certified expert. HORMONES and HEREDITY—the answer to the question, “Why do I have acne?” When you come back, in your next life, just try to get