A Skin Condition Called Pityriasis Alba

Some children can experience a skin condition called pityriasis alba. This condition is benign. Pityriasis alba often presents as a rash that may leave light patches of skin and commonly affects the cheeks. The cause of this skin condition is unknown but heat, humidity, heavily scented detergents/soaps, abrasive clothing, smoke and stress are thought to be potential triggers.

Children with a history of asthma, hayfever, eczema or dry skin are more likely to develop pityriasis alba. Although the cheeks can be the most common location for pityriasis alba, it can also occur on the forehead, neck, shoulders, and upper chest/arms.

skin condition

This skin condition can appear as anywhere from 2-20 lightly colored patches on the skin. Pityriasis alba can become more noticeable in the summer as well; the skin around the affected area can darken and leave the lighter patch seeming more noticeable.

It is important to make sure that no yeast or other fungus is the root of the condition. If your child’s pityriasis alba does not improve after a while or is continually getting worse, it is time to make an appointment for an evaluation.