Acne Essential Information

I am happy to provide these facts about acne that have endured for the past 30+ years that I have been taking care of dermatology patients as a board certified expert.

HORMONES and HEREDITY—the answer to the question, “Why do I have acne?”

When you come back, in your next life, just try to get different parents. It doesn’t matter that your brother has clear skin, or you don’t look like your Mom and she was clear as far as you remember. Acne is brought to you by the gene pool you fall into. Not your fault!

When life happens, hormones are produced. Happy or sad stress, getting married or getting divorced, may cause a fluctuation in your hormonal balance. Getting your cycle, taking medications for arthritis, or asthma inhalers, or being wrongly convicted, can all affect this. If you have the genes, and you experience the flux, then here it comes!!

We treat it, usually very successfully, when patients are able to stick with a regimen that is designed for them. Not everyone gets the same recipe. Things change, and we may change the regimen as life progresses.  We can’t cure it once and for all…or tell you you will never see another outbreak,  because that would be untrue.

NOT DIET and NOT DIRT– No, this is not why you broke out after your skin was so clear until (fill in the blank). If it was a diet, then we Derms would be out of business. Everyone would be on the diet! Some of the worst cases that I have seen have been patients who scrubbed and scoured their skin to the point of making pimples turn into painful, scarring CYSTS.The problem is that the cells that line the pores, deep down in the skin, are sticky. You cannot reach them with a brush or a loofah.

ITS BEST TO ASK SOMEONE WHO KNOWS– I recently was asked to explain why a noctor ( someone who is not a doctor, but often wears a white coat) disagreed with a diagnosis of mine. You can ask your friend, or the cosmetic saleslady, or the pharmacist, or the physician assistant what they think is best for you. That is up to you. I can only tell you what the Dermatologist knows. I know that some patients find their way to the office after consulting “Dr Google”. Just don’t ask him to give you a diagnosis!

IT MAY GET A LITTLE WORSE AS IT GETS BETTER– Yes, this happens sometimes. Suddenly the pore are able to let the excess oil that your skin produces come out more freely. After those few days, your skin suddenly looks a lot better than it did before.