Demand Quality Care !!

The sad truth is that quality care costs more. If you are spending your health care dollar to see a doctor, then I think you deserve to see a doctor! This sounds simple but what has been happening lately to many people who are UNAWARE of who is sitting across from them in the “Doctors ” office is really a shame. You pay your monthly insurance premium to company X. You make an appt to see the doctor for your cold, or gyn checkup or skin exam. When you get to the office the “health care provider” turns out to be a nurse practioner, a physician’s assistant or someone who did not go to medical school but perhaps is masquerading as a doctor. Your insurance company gets the bill and it says that you saw a doctor. You didn’t! You spent the same dollar, but you did not get the expert. If I went to see a doctor, but the doctor wasn’t a doctor or did not come in to see me, I would leave! I think you should too! You are paying for the expert so thats what you should get. Buyer beware, because here you generally DONT get what you paid for if you did not receive treatment from the expert. No, the nurse practioner does not know as much as the doctor. They may call themselves doctors of nursing but, trust me, the training is not equivalent. You all be careful out there!