Don’t sweat any longer…

It happened again this week. A new patient came to the office after spending WEEKS OR LONGER searching online for help with a disturbing, longstanding problem. He did not know that there was a solution, and that it has been in use for years now.

We dermatologists often take for granted that patients know all the things we can do for them. In fact, some studies have recently reported that many have no idea what the difference is between the dermatologist and all the other people who label themselves “skin specialists”.

The dermatologist spends an internship year then three years of residency training after going to medical school. Next, they take a board exam to become certified by the American Academy of Dermatology. This means that they have proven that they received the required training and met the standards to qualify for being “the expert” in diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin ( also hair and nails).

So, back to Botox. You need not suffer the embarrassment of excessive sweating. You can wear a silk blouse, raise your arms to grab the overhead bar on the subway, or take off your jacket during your office staff meeting. Get help with excess sweating in the dermatologists office. Its really that simple.

To find a board certified dermatologist, go to and click “find a dermatologist” in your zip code.