From the Inside Out

Thank you, Dr Oz, for making this subject easily digestible for the average person. Who doesnt want to look younger, feel better, live longer and healthier? In his book, “You:On a Diet”, the authors Dr Mehmet Oz and Mike Roizen discuss the Five Food Felons which we should all be trying hard to live without. 1. Saturated fat (meat, poultry skin, palm and coconut oils) 2. Trans fats (see snack foods and commercial desserts 3.Simple sugars 4. Added sugars including syrups 5. Any grain that is NOT a whole grain.

The best diet for all of us starts with fruits and vegetables. No, you cannot get enough. We need to consciously add an extra serving each day. You might not already know that the soluble fiber in some fruits and vegetables escorts cholesterol right out of your clogged arteries through your digestive system (pears, apples, eggplant to name some of my favorites).

Don’t try to eliminate all fat (impossible, then you feel bad for failing). Instead, replace it with GOOD fats found in avocados, nuts olive and seeds. They reduce the LDL (Lousy fat) with HDL (Heart healthy fat). Can we learn to love nuts instead of potato chips? Or, use avocado instead of mayonaise? I’m trying!

So what does this have to do with the skin? Eating healthy should be as much of a pursuit as making yourself look younger is!

Enjoy this season of readily available good food.