Hair Loss 101

When I write for this blog, it is often because I am inspired by real life events. Today, I am sitting in the hair salon, trying not to eavesdrop on a conversation that is taking place near me!

A client entered the shop. She seems to be new, and gives the owner a detailed account of her problem with her hair loss. Even if I could not hear her words, my eyes tell me what the problem is ( or at least what a significant part of it is). Client X wants to see if she can buy something to “make her hair grow”. I get asked this same question EVERY DAY that I am in the office seeing patients.

What client X has in common with my patients , 9 times out of 10, is a pattern of hair care that is detrimental to keeping ones hair on ones head. First, the home permanent. Client X buys something from the beauty supply shop and puts it on. Even if she has advanced degrees in cosmetology, this is not a good idea once you are losing your hair. Stop. Walk away from the perm, even if it is labeled Kiddie Perm Safe For Newborns! It isnt.

Second, Client X seems to enjoy lighter, blonder, bleached hair. When you remove color from your hair you can count on it being weaker and more susceptible to breakage. Stop. Let Tina Turner have the blonde and you go back to being brown, black or some combination of the two.

There is some good, basic information about the common causes of hair loss in all women. I refer you to the American Hairloss Council, via the following link.