In the kitchen in the Blizzard of 2009

IMGP0633I am sure that you, like everyone else on the east coast, was forced to take five and stop the crazy pace of life during this holiday season. Thank you for the vacation. I really needed it. This photo of my neighbors treelights was a welcome view from the front window. One of the great discoveries for me was a movie on the On Demand tv menu …Julie and Julia. I really enjoyed this movie! If you are anything like me, then spending two days in the house means spending at least one of those days in the kitchen. No, I cannot claim to cook like Julia Child but at least now I understand what blogging is all about!!!! The movie was fun to watch because when has Meryl Streep ever disappointed??

I found myself thinking about the folks who like to find other things in their kitchens like home remedies for skin ailments. Some recent ones I have heard: coconut oil for acne (no, no, no no!), shea butter for anything ( probably wont hurt, probably wont help) and, most dangerous of them all, putting chlorine bleach directly on skin that is itching. Sorry, but I can’t condone any of these things, even if Grandma gave it the OK.