Just How Does the Laser Help Acne???

Acne patients need to understand the treatment is killing the bacteria on their face or any other affected area. Cross contamination is an issue. Everything in the environment needs to be cleaned including pillow cases and make up brushes; new makeup is recommended if a liquid makeup is worn.
The Light Pod Neo is fully non-ablative, yet patients will begin to see results even after the first treatment with this procedure. Improvements will continue to build during the course of treatments sessions. Three to five treatments are recommended in a compliant series administered every three to four weeks.
The procedure is also unique in that no gels, cooling or numbing of the skin is NOT recommended. Heating the tissue is paramount for good results and pain is an indicator when the power settings are too strong; yet it is important that the patient will feel heat – a ‘feel nothing’ treatment is a ‘do nothing’ treatment. Treatments are so tolerable that the patient may literally doze off. This innovative treatment is safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.