Moles Before and After

Every time I see a photo of Morgan Freeman taken in the last several years, I am reminded how much improved the skin looks when the moles, called DPN’s are removed. The name Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra described these dark brown, warty growths that can be pinpoint or flat and as large as quarters, usually on the face, chest or back. Patients ask, “Why me?” The answer? Because you were born in your family. These lesions run in families, are genetic and you certainly do not get to choose your family!

The treatment is relatively quick and is done with topical anesthetic if necessary. Usually an ice pack is all that is needed. We dry the lesions with the quick application of an “electric pen” called a hyfrecator. The moles fall off later that day or in several days. No scarring is associated with the treatment if the patient follows the treatment plan….ie doesn’t try to make the moles hurry up and fall off by scrubbing or exfoliating. If left alone to fall off slowly, the dpn treatment is not going to cause scars to form.