News You Can Use

I just returned from the Orlando Aesthetic Dermatology conference which took place at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Florida. For three warm days and nights, the thought leaders in the cosmetic and medical fields gave us a lot of new information to help our patients get the best results for the things that often arise in practice.

A great result depends on the doctor giving an honest assessment to the patient as to what is possibl:e and realistic. The buzzword now is “volumizing”. With the current fillers such as Radiesse (my particular favorite), Juvederm and Sculptra, we try to turn back the clock to the time when our faces had a fuller appearance in the cheeks, the jaw and even the lips. If you imagine a table and a tablecloth covering it ( your skin over your skeletal frame). As we age, the table gets smaller but the tablecloth does not! The folds around the mouth ( the “parentheses”) should not be injected with filler. Instead, the cheeks are plumped up in a subtle way so that the skin no longer has the same parentheses! You can watch faces and see how this happens. Observe Grandmother and Mother and Daughter in the family photo and you will see what happens to the face as we “climb the ladder of life”.

So we all strive to put our best face forward. The key is OUR best face, not someone elses! There were some awful pictures shown as examples of “What Not to Do”. The Before pictures were normal but the After views were scary! A lot of new information was available about product ingredients and whats really helpful (vs what is just marketing hype). While the conference was mainly geared to teach new derm residents about the cosmetic practice portion, it served as an update for the more seasoned practictioners. I am inviting all of you blog readers to make an appointment for a free cosmetic consultation this next month. Just mention ORLANDO when you call.