Save with Sculptra

I am often asked by prospective filler patients….”Why choose Sculptra” over some other products that cost a bit less. “Is it worth it?” The reasons for having Sculptra treatments include–

Its lasting effect. The fragile state of our world economy has many people wondering what to invest in. Its always a good idea to invest in YOURSELF. When you look younger you may actually feel younger, more energized and boost your self esteem. Take care to do it for yourself though, not for some other person’s approval.

Its gradual onset. You get the first treatment and it gradually causes the volume of space that has decreased ( the wrinkle maker) to fill up again and smooth out the top layer of your skin. It makes you skin appear more radiant since light reflects more. People won’t see it, as it will sneak up on you. Sculptra has been called the “liquid facelift”.

It costs a bit more but its worth it. When (and if) you decide on a touch up, you’ll pay much less that your original investment. Call the office and schedule a free consultation to discuss Sculptra with us.