IMGP0652Back in the kitchen this morning instead of the office. If there is another way to cheer up a hungry family, I don’t know what it is. Smell the baking bread…doesn’t matter if it made in the bread machine. I am all about the Ease of Preparation. Martha Stewart does not have to worry about me applying for her job. I was really ready to sit back, relax and read the Washington Post ( or at least do the crossword). Suddenly, a steady drip drip drip from the window frame…not the window. So what can you do about melting snow on the roof coming into your house? You can call the guy who cleans the gutter. Instead of declaring that nothing can be done just now, Mr Jack Spenser and his crew showed up within the hour and climbed up ladders and poured hot water on ice dams and repaired the drain situation! Whew. It stopped raining inside. I am so thankful for them that I gave them one of the tins of christmas cookies fresh out of the oven. When trouble finds you , you always find out who you can count on. I also find that most people are happiest when you feed them!
Winter Skin Tip Number Two: Let the dishwasher wash most of the dishes or else wear thick yellow playtex gloves. Your nails will grow and your skin will feel better.