The Safety of Laser Hair Removal in Ethnic Skin-Pt 1

I was shocked to learn how often patients are told by misinformed health professionals that “dark skinned people” should not get laser. This is absolutely untrue. It is true that there are important differences in various shades of people. The melanin absorbs the laser light and so it can cause problems if the laser physician is unfamiliar with the settings that are necessary to use for each patient. I also think it is important to see a PHYSICIAN for treatment such as laser when, not know how to use the device, can lead to serious consequences!

Nearly every patient I that I have used the laser on in my 25 years of medical practice has been a skin type 4 or darker. I think these are some of my most satisfied patients because they had been told “it couldn’t be done!” Before treatment, we explain the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the laser. We will have more on shaving alternatives in the next blog. Stay tuned!