These Eyes Have IT!!!

eyesMaybe you have eyelashes like this naturally. I’ll bet that you don’t. When I see thick luxurious eyelashes such as these in a “woman of a certain age” who is NOT wearing any makeup I am sure of this: she either has glaucoma or she is using Latisse by Allergan.

If you have glaucoma then you use eyedrops that the eye doctor prescribes to keep your pressure in the eyes normal (and prevent blindness caused by having eye pressure that is too high). Glaucoma runs in families so if you know its part of your heritage, please do yourself a favor and have your eyes tested. One of the effects of the glaucoma medication is the effect on the lashes! They become longer, thicker and darker.

Thanks to Allergan Pharmaceuticals, the company that tested this application (making the lashes look fabulous WITHOUT having any effect on the eye pressure of normal individuals), you can get lashes like this without having glaucoma and getting drops in your eyes.

The product is used along the eyelid margin, and is applied much like you would apply eyeliner. You only need to apply it to the upper lid before bed. In no time, the lashes look like the ones shown in this actual patient. You have to get the Latisse from your dermatologist. It isn’t covered by insurance because, although it is a prescription drug, its not being used for medical purposes. If you like what you see, as about Latisse during your next office visit.