Things We Wish You Would Tell Us

In my busy dermatology practice, I am reminded of the things that make a doctor-patient interaction successful. It always helps when the patient is “easy to read”, meaning there are no secrets about what is needed.  Maybe the person sitting across from me is pretty sure that they know what is wrong, but they need confirmation of their ideas.  I think  we doctors would do well to listen more.

If only patients told us the things we really need to know, early in the conversation.  What do you REALLY want to know? Are you happy with the skin care advice you get from the Macy’s counter and you would rather focus on why your hair is coming out?    Do you feel like the diagnosis that you got from your last doctor HAD to be wrong because the problem came back? If I give you a “good answer” but its not the question you are asking, then I haven’t done a good job.  Dear Patient, try to tell us what you need  so we can give you the information you really want!