This Doctor Will See You Now!

You call a Doctor’s office to make an appointment. You get there and find that you aren’t going to see the Doctor. You weren’t warned of this in advance. Instead, you may get to see an assistant or a midlevel staff member . You are not going to see the doctor. Does this bother you? If it does, then you are not alone. Its happened to me. I made an appointment for a family member to see a Doctor who had a web presence leading me to believe that this was the doctor we wanted. Unfortunately, after many visits, we never once saw the Doctor. I hear this more often than ever before. Some patients come in as they are frustrated when doctor visits DO NOT INCLUDE seeing a doctor. You have a choice to go back there, or find another office. Ask the question when you make the appointment. Speak up. If you are satisfied with the care you get , that is fine. If you aren’t, please call the Doctor and let him or her know.