The chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin. A solution is applied to the skin and causes it to shed some sun-damaged layers. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and more even toned. Chemical peels are a great, noninvasive way to help revitalize skin. Multiple treatments can help reduce the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation. The precise formula used may be adjusted to meet each patient’s needs.

Chemical peels can augment other treatments and can be combined with botox and fillers on the same day. Some of the conditions that we use the peel to treat may include acne scars, photo aging, hyperpigmentation and blemishes.

This before and after is from just one treatment. Individual results may vary, but this can be an aeffective treatment for all skin types.

Vitalize Peel

We are excited to announce that we now offer Vitalize Peel® from SkinMedica®. Chemical peeling is a procedure to help accelerate skin exfoliation, the result for many patients is renewed, healthier looking skin and more uniform complexion. Patients can experience noticeable results in one treatment, and compelling results after three to six treatments.







Our featured products and procedures are the Perfect 10 Peel and the Neo Peel. When you meet with Dr. Johnson, she will explain the treatment and which will best suit you. Each patient is unique, and we strive to help each person have the best skin they can have. Call today and make your appointment.

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