One of the most frequent cosmetic procedures that is done in our office is the removal of facial moles. These common, dark brown colored lesions can be as small as a poppy seed or as large as a button. Sometimes they occur in clusters or groups, limited to a certain area like the cheeks. Less often, they are all over the body. While they can be a nuisance to cover with makeup, they never turn into cancer or anything serious. If they are irritated by the comb or by wearing certain jewelry or tight clothing, they may be stimulated to grow larger. Instead of worrying about these, you can have them treated in our dermatology office.

If you notice people who have lots of moles, who have been in the public eye for many years (think Morgan Freeman) you will notice that their moles increase in size and numbers as they age. Most people begin seeing their “family moles” around age 40, but sometimes this starts at a younger age.

We remove the moles with an instrument called a hyfrecator. It does not usually require anesthesia but we sometimes will use an ice pack to cool the skin and make our patients as comfortable as possible. We can also use an anesthetic cream prior to doing the procedure. The patients are quite excited after the moles fall off. The hands of the clock don’t stop, but they get turned backwards to an earlier time in the life of your skin.

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