A keloid is a special type of scar in which tissue grows excessively at the site of a healing from skin injury. Keloids are firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules and can vary from pink to flesh-colored or red to dark brown in color. A keloid scar is benign, non-contagious and usually accompanied by severe itchiness, sharp pains and changes in texture. In severe cases, it can affect movement of skin. Keloids should not be confused with hypertrophic scars, which are raised scars that do not grow beyond the boundaries of the original wound and may reduce over time.

Dr. Johnson uses surgery, combined with injections and special dressings to treat this condition. Surgery requires great care during and after the operation. Keloids that return after being excised may be larger than the original. There is a 50% chance of recurrence after surgical removal. However, keloids are less likely to return if surgical removal is combined with other treatments. Surgical or laser excision may be followed by injections of a corticosteroid into the scar.

Dressings, moistened wound coverings made of silicone gel have been shown in studies to reduce keloid prominence over time. This treatment is safe and painless, although some patients may experience increased itchiness from wearing the dressing for an extended period of time.

When you meet with Dr. Johnson, she will explain to you the keloid removal treatment in detail, including the process, the recovery and the results. She will assess your skin, take your medical history and determine if you are a good candidate for keloid treatment. She will answer any questions you may have regarding keloid removal treatment.

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