The skin is the largest and most visible body organ. As the skin ages, it becomes thinner and less elastic. Collagen and elastin, the tissues that keep the skin firm, becomes weaker because gravity, internal, and external factors exert a constant downward pull. As a result of a lifetime of skin exposure, superficial blemishes may become more noticeable.

The goal of facial rejuvenation is to restore a more youthful look by helping to reverse the appearance of aging and sun damage. Dr. Beverly Johnson is trained and experienced in the use of a wide range of non-surgical methods for treating skin conditions. As an expert on skin aging, she is uniquely qualified to employ a variety of both corrective and preventative techniques to keep skin healthy and youthful looking.

Dr. Johnson can review the benefits and risks of each procedure, and which procedures are best suited for your skin type or problem. Please contact us for your skin care and anti-aging appointment.

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“Dr. Johnson is a God send... I trust her judgment and I trust my health in her hands. Thanks Dr. Johnson for the great care and compassion during this trying time for my family and I. I appreciate it.” - Skin Care Patient, Sparks, MD