What Does Natural Mean To Your Skin?

Strictly speaking, if a product is found on earth, then it is of nature and therefore natural! What is also true, is there is a lot of marketing going on…and my patients insist that what they buy must be natural. Guess what? Just because “natural”  is on the label, does not mean you cannot be harmed ( read get a rash, get ill, lose your skin or worse, your hair and your money). I like to remind the “natural lovers ” that arsenic, penicillin and peanuts, hens eggs, and shellfish are found on earth, very natural, and can be deadly in the right amount… for the person who is allergic.

Please know that any skincare product that you buy has a preservative. The role of these ( usually parabens ) is to kill fungus and bacteria that will grow in something that sits on the shelf for any period of time. If you find it in a store on a shelf, most likely it did NOT just arrive there so the preservative allows you to be safe from getting an infection from your skin or hair care purchase.

Even Mother Nature has preservatives (blueberries  spoil more slowly  and plants produce parabens to make the seeds last longer–and the plant can go forth and multiply!)

Of course there are some people who will become allergic to something. It is NOT uncommon for allergies to show up later in life. Without preservatives everything you buy would have to be used right away ( like fresh fruits or dairy products with a sell by date).  The message here is: don’t assume something is Better For YOU because it is labelled “natural”. We can find out if the product is the problem by a careful history and examination of your skin.

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