What’s New? Sculptra!!!!

While this product has been in use for a long time, it has been recently given FDA approval for use in cosmetic patients who want the youthful appearance of a fuller, rounder face. I have seen it in practice and the fabulous results that can only come from using this injectable filler. The good news includes its longevity, its safety and its subtle onset. Its been called the “liquid facelift” that appears gradually so that your friends won’t really know that you have “had anything done”. It is mostly water when first injected. In fact, we have to mix it days before you come in for your treatment session. In the first day the result is a temporary restoration of volume since it is mostly the water we used to reconstitute the product. Within a day, the water is absorbed and the Sculptra ( poly L lactic acid… ) is left behind to stimulate your own collagen and support substance to take the place of the missing volume. I know that this is hard to image, but take a look at the photos on the company website to see the GRADUAL progression. If needed, you come back for a second session and this is when you really begin to see what your final result will be. The third session is two months after the second session. Patients with HIV who have lost a lot of facial volume from the disease treatments will usually get more treatment sessions than the healthy, cosmetic patient. Take a look and see what Sculptra can do. It isn’t for everyone. Some patients who wish to look more rested and less aged, can do this with Juvederm (hyaluronic acid) or Radiesse (calcium hydroxylapatite) and don’t really have the volume loss that Sculptra is made for. My experience has been that it is a fantastic product for the properly chosen patient. Call the office for a free consultation to see which one is best for you.