Which laser is safest for skin of color?

I get asked this question by a lot of patients… The real answer is really the laser that is being used by a persn who KNOWS what they are doing! Seriously, you can take a great technology and not understand how to use it and disaster happens. Before you sign up for laser treatments, ask your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon if they have had actual experience with skin of color. I know that the laser companies will swear that something is safe but they don’t always have the studies to back up those claims.

The first laser that I brought into my practice is still my workhorse. It has stood the “safety test of time”. The N Lite laser is a HeNe pulsed dye laser that is safe for most if not all patients. It doesn’t require a separate cooling device. If the patient is in pain, then the setting is adjusted to a gentle “ping”, less than getting popped by a rubber band. The treatment serves to stimulate collagen in the dermis, so it is great for filling up gently sloped scars (not the ice pick type) and fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment stops at the eyelids so its not going to take the place of an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty). The skin gets fuller, tighter and smoother. Of course the results vary but most patients are extremely satisfied. This is a “no downtime” or lunchtime procedure that takes about 15 minutes for the face and neck. The best results come with a series of at least six sessions given a month apart. What happens to the new collagen? It actually behaves the same way as your own original….it is subject to the normal aging process so ideally you would get maintainence treatments further down the road. The gradual improvement that happens with 3 to 4 week interval treatments peak at about 4 months. I wouldn’t bother with this if you are a confirmed smoker who won’t use sunscreen and loves to tan…would be a complete waste of your time and mine! The rest of you would look a bit more rested and smooth, especially if the treatment is combined with some personalized skin care. Please call the office and ask for a free consultation for N Lite laser treatment.