You think you DON’T need SunProtectionFactor (SPF) in your skin care? Think again

I am showing you this photo of what I call the Evil Tan. When you have brown skin and it is constantly exposed to the sunlight, one day you look in the mirror and see this. The Evil Tan has arrived. See how the neck and front of the chest and all of your covered skin is a much darker shade?

The fancy word is MELASMA. Its Evil because you don’t want it or like it and you want me to make it go away ….yesterday! Well I will try my best but If you decide you want to keep putting the sun on your face, then you are probably not going to see Evil Tan fade.  Now if you are someone who takes certain medicines, it will be a darker, deeper tan ( still evil). Hormones, fluid pills, High Blood pressure medicine, certain pain meds, and certain antibiotics are common culprits. SPF should be 45 or better. I don’t think 15 will help you much. The perfect sunscreen? A HAT WITH A BRIM. That is why all the old men stayed young looking after they got old ( they always wore a fedora or a stingy brim).

A word to the wise is sufficient…image