Younger Looking Men?

It is no longer an unusual day when several new patients are men who “want to look better”. While patients of both sexes usually want help with diseases or disorders ( ie non cosmetic issues), it used to be the norm for women to ask for my help with changes in appearance . The man will ask, what can I do to make these marks go away? I used to have acne and I don’t now but the scarring is really not attractive so what do I do?

Another frequent question men ask is “what can I do to get rid of shaving bumps”? The answer, if you aren’t ready to grow a beard, may be laser hair removal. It takes at least six treatments, spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. Even if some of the hairs regrow, they are usually miniature versions of themselves (vellus hair) that will not grow inward causing shaving bumps.

The third issue that brings the guys to the office is complexion blending or “getting rid of the dark spots”. Darkness caused by hypertension medicines, sunlight without sunscreen can make some people look old before their time. We prescribe creams or make other suggestions to turn back the clock, or at least, keep it from ticking so loudly! I am glad that so many men are trying to look as well as they can for their age. Its really not about the pursuit of YOUTH as much as the quest for being attractive at any age!